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Cedar Rapids Children Photographer

Well here we are, the 9th of April, right outside Cedar Rapids and its snowing! Lyndon, our oldest was so excited and said, “Momma! Its CHRISTMAS! Where are the lights?!”  He wanted to get the tree out and start decorating like any normal 3 year old would at the sight of a December…I mean April…. snowfall. I needed to think quick and get his mind off Christmas so I said, “Hey! Lets go outside, take pictures and find Scraptors!” For those of you that don’t know what scraptors are they are characters in the cartoon show Dinosaur Trux and Lyndon is convinced they are hiding behind every bush inCedar Rapids Children Photographer our yard. Once outside we got to work snapping pictures and running away from all the scraptors that Lyndon screeched were racing after us. Capturing his imagination in full swing is something I am so thankful I am able to do and every image is cherished by our family. As a parent there are just so many moments we don’t want to forget, this is one of them for me. This image below of Lyndon is one of those memories that I think I’ll never forget. We dove under the 35ft tall pine tree just seconds from being caught by the “biggest” scraptor as Lyndon described it. This pine tree was only 7ft tall when we purchased our home 6 years prior to him being born and sitting under it in silence watching him watch the snow fall over our pasture brought me to tears realizing we wont be running from scraptors much longer….. why do they have to grow up so fast?

I hope you enjoy these images as much as we do.

Cedar Rapids Children Photographer

Cedar Rapids Children Photographer

Cedar Rapids Children Photographer

Cedar Rapids Children Photographer

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  1. Jane Balster

    Love love love the pictures! The one of him under the tree is just so darn sweet. What cherished memories.. 🙂

  2. Michelle Zumbach

    I know it! I need to get his little brother out today sometime too!

  3. Mariko

    I can’t believe there’s snow in April in Cedar Rapids, IA. I love these photos of your son and story about the fun you had. You’re are such a talented children’s photographer. I definitely need to bring my kids to you when I’m in the area.

  4. Christie

    Cedar Rapids, IA looks like such a beautiful and natural setting to be a children photographer! I love the images you captured of this little boy!!

  5. amanda

    Oh, Michelle, these images are absolutely beautiful. Cedar Rapids, IA is so very lucky to have you as their children photographer. I adore your work, lady!!

  6. Michelle Zumbach

    Thank you so much, Amanda!

  7. Rachelle

    So many places are having such crazy winter weather still! I guess Cedar Rapids, IA is included in that! My sister is there as well and needs a photographer for her children…I’m sending her your way!

  8. Lindsay Zilke

    I love how children think, and that your sweetie thought that snow meant Christmas! That is so cute!! I am not in Cedar Rapids, IA, but here in Ohio we got the same! It is crazy, but super fun if you are a photographer!

  9. Kara

    I know right?! What is with this snow we are getting in the Cedar Rapids area?! I can’t wait for spring but your children photos are gorgeous! What a great photographer to take advantage of hopefully the last snow fall. 🙂

  10. Katie

    Your photos make me really want to visit Cedar Rapids, IA! You’re such a talented children’s photographer!

  11. Christie

    It’s been quite the crazy spring weather in Cedar Rapids IA!! Love that you made the best of it as a fantastic children photographer

  12. Katerina

    I love your work as a Cedar Rapids IA Children Photographer! Especially in the snow!

  13. Andrea Krey

    I wish I was in Cedar Rapids IA for the snow. Here bright sunshine and summer temperatures. This children photography session looks so sweet and fun, a photographer’s dream.

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